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Lets Chat! Pt 5

In our fifth "Lets Chat!", we discuss the will of an individual vs the will of everyone else. Enjoy!

In Episode 53, "Sugar and Spice & Everything...", Cassie talks about an evil man with a memorable mustache. Cody shares the details of a family and their home that is the basi...

In Episode 52, "Casey & Conspiracy", Cody cannot understand how this woman gets away with her crimes while Cassie cannot figure out how this guy cut his sentence short. 

In Episode 51, "Teen Tragedy & False Advertisement", Cassie shares a tragedy that could have been prevented while Cody divulges in an out of this world conspiracy.

Lets Chat! Pt. 4

In our fourth "Lets Chat!", a very controversial popular subject gets us heated up. Completely raw and unedited, we hope you enjoy!  

In episode 50 "Pin the Rock on the Zombie", Cody unearths another unidentified and unsolved child death. Cassie digs up the roots of the undead. 

In Episode 49, "Porn Stars & Hippo Uniforms", Cassie shares a terrifying tale of a strong trio of women. Cody describes a possible cousin of the platypus?

In Episode 48, "Mimes & Potpourri", Cody tries to heat up a 62 yr old cold case, while Cassie figures out the possible origin of potpourri?

Lets Chat! Pt. 3

In our third "Lets Chat!", its a heated discussion of life and death. We may also have a little surprise for you! Enjoy.

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